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A long-term goal of our organization is the creation of a CMRG National Biobank of frozen bio-specimens (blood and bone marrow) to support translational research in myeloma. Currently, our researchers have active research laboratories in many provinces working on myeloma biomarkers, mechanisms of drug resistance, and potential drug targets.

Our vision is to develop a streamlined platform for sample acquisition, transport and storage. This optimized access and coordination will increase the collaborative potential and productivity of these laboratories and result in more rapid advancement of sophisticated myeloma research.

CMRG’s translational research platform is supported by world renowned translational scientists.

CIUSSS de l’Est de l’Île de Montréal- Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont

Richard LeBlanc, MD


  • EuroFlow for clinical trials (sensitivity ≤10-5)
  • Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy
    • Cellular therapy center with GMP certification
    • More than 300 cell grafts handled annually
  • C3i (Centre For Commercialisation of Cancer Immunotherapy)
    • Integrated structure for development, translation and commercialization of cancer immunotherapy to accelerate discovery
    • Combining five interacting units
      1. GMP manufacturing
      2. Biomarker-diagnostics
      3. Clinical research
      4. CRO
      5. Innovation and commercialization

University of Dalhousie and University of New Brunswick

Anthony Reiman, MD


  • National blood and marrow biorepository through M4 study
  • Flow (Cytoquest) and sequencing (Adaptive) MRD assays
  • Single cell NGS through collaboration

McGill University

Michael Sebag, MD, PhD


  • Preclinical translational research and drug development
    • CyTOF analysis of bone marrow specimens for microenvironmental analysis

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Rodger Tiedemann, MD, PhD


  • Characterization of MRD in MM (flow cytometry, scRNA-seq, WES, IF-FISH)
  • Mechanisms of treatment resistance in MM (in vitro studies, genomics)
  • Immunotherapeutics for MM (MOA, resistance, new targets, drug development)
  • Function of CNVs in MM (e.g. +1q)
  • Banking of repeat donor samples

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Suzanne Trudel, MSc, MD


  • Target validation
  • Risk assessment
  • Gene studies
    • 38 gene panel identifies major cytogenetic and mutational changes in myeloma cells