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CMRG Confidentiality Agreement

Canadian Myeloma Research Group (“CMRG”) is a federally incorporated, non-profit research organization, located in Ontario Canada, with the purpose of supporting and/or conducting of basic, translational, and clinical research to develop new or improved products and processes for the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and cure of multiple myeloma. In efforts to achieve this goal, CMRG may engage, collaborate, or associate with you. During this association with CRMG, you may come in contact with confidential information, confidential records and goods (written, electronic and verbal) that are the property of CMRG or its business partners.

As used herein, “information” shall mean proprietary and/or confidential technical, business, clinical, scientific, or other confidential information disclosed by CMRG which is designated as being confidential non-public information. This includes, without limitation, information relating to CMRG’s research and development projects, plans, and procedures regarding the field of multiple myeloma and related disorders. This information must be kept confidential and is not for public information. No records, documents or information are to be removed from CMRG or shared with anyone without the permission of the CMRG central office.

You understand and promise that no records or documents are to be removed from CMRG or shared with anyone without a written permission from the CMRG management. A breach of this agreement will be taken very seriously and result in repercussions up to and including possible legal action against you by CMRG. As a member, you may view or download CMRG confidential information and/or documents for your own use only.

By registering for the CMRG Research Portal, you agree to the following:

  1. I have read and understood CMRG’s Privacy Policy.
  2. I understand that I may come in contact with confidential information during my interaction with CMRG. As part of the condition of engagement with CMRG, I hereby undertake to keep in strict confidence any information regarding any client, employee or business of CMRG or any other organization that comes to my attention while associating with CMRG. I will do this in accordance with the CMRG’s privacy policy and applicable laws, including those that require mandatory reporting.
  3. I also agree to never remove any confidential material of any kind from the premises of CMRG or share confidential information disclosed to me with anyone unless as part of my duties, or with express permission or direction to do so from CMRG.