CMRG is looking for a patient representative to be a part of our Database Steering Committee (DBSC). The DSMB advises CMRG on approval and prioritization of Real-World Evidence (RWE) research projects. Working with the investigators on the committee, the patient representative will bring a patient perspective to meetings and decision making, through reviewing RWE studies and advising on the prioritization of projects.

This is a volunteer position. The selected member will serve for a three-year first term, with the possibility of an extension to a second term. The Committee meets at least two times per year, possibly more, if necessary.


  • Familiar with myeloma research in Canada and/or active members of myeloma patient groups in Canada.
  • In-depth scientific knowledge of myeloma science and research is considered an asset


  • Evaluate Canadian myeloma treatment landscape and identify areas of data gaps which can be supported by real-world data research
  • Provide a patient point of view to support patient needs/ enhance patient quality of life
  • Advise CMRG on RWE research strategy and development and expansion of the national database project
  • Review, approve and prioritize submitted research proposals
  • The Committee meets a minimum of 2 times per year, may be more as needed


Those interested are asked to send a CV to no later than Wednesday April 27, 2022.


About CMRG

CMRG is the only organization dedicated solely to myeloma research in Canada. We consist of over 50 researchers across 30 research centres dedicated to conducting research that puts patients needs first.

CMRG has 3 core research platforms:

  • Clinical Trials- Our clinical trials help bring cutting edge laboratory discoveries into clinical trials quickly and efficiently to Canadian patients
    • As of 2021, our clinical trials have been run at over 20 centres with more than 350 Canadian participants
  • Real-World Evidence- Our database has one of the largest and most comprehensive multiple myeloma databases in the world
    • As of 2021, more than 8000 patients have been logged into our database from 16 participating centres
  • Translational Research- our long-term goal is to create a National Biobank of bio-specimens to complement our clinical trials
Our Mission
  • Further our understanding of myeloma and provide better outcomes for patients through clinical trials, real world evidence, and translational research
  • Develop consensus statements on the diagnosis and treatment of myeloma
Our Vision
  • Transform myeloma research in Canada to accelerate a cure